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Excellent large mirror

Great! Large mirror that I can see clearly. And it stays in the place I put it and doesn’t move around.

It’s great. Love the tilt feature.

Great size and function

Baby mirror

I love the safety of the mirror and the large size. I can see my baby perfectly. Also, great delivery!!!

Game changer!

My infant hated car rides. He would cry the whole time, even for short distances. I had a smaller mirror, but he couldn’t see himself very well. The first time I put him in the car seat with this mirror he could see his whole body. He smiled at himself and has been great ever since! He’s almost 4 months now and does car rides like a champ! I also love how easy it is to adjust this mirror.

Looks great

My daughter is pregnant, we having actually used them, but them seem to have a nice quality to them. TBD after the baby comes 😊

Works so well!

The mirror is so clear and large enough to see baby so well! As a mom so glad it is crash tested so I don’t need to worry! Best mirror I’ve tried and won’t use any other!

Easy to setup & large mirror

I love this mirror. It is so much larger & easier to maneuver than most. Also knowing that the glass won't shatter & my baby in an accident is a plus.

Really works

We had bought another mire which did not fit or adjust to my daughters car seat. I didn't know that it might be dangerous. So i ordered this one and the driver can now see the baby and it's secure.


I love the mirror and their customer service is great! I ordered two mirrors but only received one. They were easy to get in contact with and sent me the second mirror! Second mirror is a gift for family with one on the way. I love seeing my little one on this mirror. I really didn’t realize how big the mirror was! Love it!

Baby car mirrors.

Am giving as gifts but after reading the info and the reviews I felt confident in ordering 3

Leo&Ella™ Baby Car Mirror
a new customer here to stay
Excited to give!

This is a baby shower gift for a firefighter 1st responder for their 1st baby! So fun to give something so well thought out and beyond safe!

A future baby gift

I bought for a future baby gift so I can't tell you anything...but I'm sure its a good product.

Fast shipping, nice and big

Love the products. Great customer support!

Amazing deal

It took a lil bout to cut l come in but I love it

Great products, best car seat mirror. I love that I can see my granddaughter in a large view and see can see me. Spot on customer service if any order issues.


User friendly, and high quality. Bonus that it is crash tested.

Great product and service

Leo&Ella™ Baby Car Mirror
Kayleena Hendrickson
Love it!

The car mirror is the best! So easy to angle any direction and a great large view! We have one for the car and one for our living room so we can see our daughter easily.

Excellent Mirror

This mirror has a nice size to it. You don't have to squint to see your baby in it.

Leo&Ella baby car mirror

Mirror is perfect. Great size clarity and safe. Also, the best customer service I have ever experienced with online shopping.

Love this!

So easy to manuever to look at the baby!

Excellent quality

Super nice quality and I have both my mirrors installed in our cars. Feel confident our little one will be safe and sound. 🤗

Best purchase ever!!

Absolutely love it !!!