Baby Car Mirrors: Best Way to View the Backseat

Baby Car Mirrors: Best Way to View the Backseat

Personally as a parent, I want to know that no matter what, my child is safe and that I have done everything in my power to ensure their well-being. 

When your baby is little, especially within their first year, they will be rear-facing and you will be unable to see them with a quick little glance. The idea of me not being able to see my child while in the car makes me so nervous! “What are they doing? Are they ok? Are they breathing? Did they choke?” It makes me one big giant ball of anxiety not knowing if my child is safe.

The Leo and Ella Baby Car Mirror makes my anxiety disappear by making me feel safe. It allows me to be able to see the back seat without having to take my eyes off the road to turn around. Just one simple glance in my rearview mirror, which is something every driver should be doing regardless to check surroundings, and I am able to see my little bean safe in their car seat.

For those of you who have never heard of or used a Baby Car Mirror, let me explain it to you!! Essentially it is a secondary mirror (larger than a rearview mirror), that you place on the back-seat headrest in your vehicle and angle it towards your baby. Then, as you look into your rearview mirror, you will be able to see the baby mirror and it will show your babies reflection!  

Honestly, this has been a lifesaver! No more panic, no more asking someone else in the back seat if they’re still breathing, and also no more trying to turn around awkwardly while you should be focusing on the road. 

If you place your car seat in the middle seat, the mirror has a 360-degree "swivel mount" that allows you to attach it to either the left or right backseat headrest and still have a clear view in the middle of your car. You can also turn the mirror from its normal landscape position and use it vertically for a better view or angle.

Having this much freedom while driving has been a game-changer. I am so happy to know that my baby is safe and that I can also safely keep an eye on them while driving around! I would never be caught without my Leo & Ella baby car mirror again!

- Sarah, Mom of 2