How to Ease Motion Sickness in the Car for Kids

How to Ease Motion Sickness in the Car for Kids

Road trips are always fun! But getting car sick isn’t... We have a few tips to help ease the possibility of your kiddos getting motion sick. Keep in mind that some children are just more susceptible to motion sickness than others.

  1. Don’t eat junk! - Eating a healthy meal the day before and meal before a road trip is so important! If you are feeding your kids something that is not healthy, you are asking for an adventure. Just think about how your body feels after you pound back 2 double cheeseburgers compared to a nice chicken salad. Eating right on the road is important as well!

  2. Airflow - Stagnant air can cause kids to feel trapped in a car which causes them to panic. Whenever we are unsettled, our stomachs twist and turn. A bit of fresh air or airflow can help ease motion sickness. **TIP: Ensure that the car doesn’t stink (even like an air freshener) because that doesn’t help anyone's tummies!

  3. Eyes on the road - If your child is feeling rather ill, encourage them to try to look out the front window so they can see where the car is going and anticipate twists and turns. 

  4. Take a break - Sometimes simply pulling the car over and allowing your child to get out, walk around and bit and get some fresh air can really ease the situation! Slow things down and just take deep breaths.

  5. Water - Small sips of water can help ease an upset stomach if you think your child may be slightly dehydrated as dehydration typically increase nausea.

  6. Medication - If your child is always getting car sick and nothing works for them, consider talking to your Dr. and find out if they can recommend an over-the-counter travel sickness medication that is appropriate for your child's age.

There are many other options out there that you can try to ease your child's motion sickness. Make sure you do some research so you are prepared in prevention before your next car trip!