Normal, yet ANNOYING side effects of pregnancy

Normal, yet ANNOYING side effects of pregnancy

As you anticipate your bundle of joy, you may not have considered all the potential side effects you may encounter along your journey, I know I didn’t!! We have a list of a few for you here so you can know you’re not alone in these!! If you are experiencing these, they’re annoying for sure, but they are completely normal!!

  1. Leg Cramps - Typically happen in the middle of the night when you are TRYING to sleep between your frequent bathroom trips! Although these hurt a lot and make sleeping very difficult, they typically arise around the middle of the second trimester! Although you may be drinking an exceptional amount of water, it may not be enough, which can result in these bad boys flaring up! Another form of treatment I found helped the best, was taking Magnesium pills!! Pregnant women need a LOT of Magnesium in a day and typically don’t get enough just from a regular diet! Make sure you choose one that gets absorbed quickly to help you better!! Yay, another thing to add to your daily vitamin list!

  2. Acne - This is definitely one side effect I was shocked about!! I’m not a hormonal teenager, I won’t get a bunch of acne... WRONG! I broke out like crazy around my second trimester. I probably had worse acne while I was pregnant compared to when I was a teenager! It is a hormone-driven issue so I guess it’s no surprise you can experience this during pregnancy as your hormones are like a crazy roller coaster at this time!

  3. Congestion - Pregnancy Rhinitis.. oh the joys... yet another thing your hormones are to thank for. While pregnant, your nasal passage can swell which makes you feel congested due to increased mucus production. I truly felt like I had a cold throughout the majority of my pregnancy because of this pesky side effect...

  4. Food Aversions - Remember when bacon used to be your favourite food? And now the thought of it makes you want to hurl..? Well..blame pregnancy. These are definitely temporary but can throw you for a loop when you go to eat something that was your favourite yesterday and now today is the worst thing on the planet!! Some of these aversions are due to morning sickness and the link your brain makes between them and the last time you ate that food. However most of the time it's just thanks to..yup, you guessed it, HORMONES!

  5. Swelling - Swelling, swelling, and more swelling... Your body has more fluid in it now than before, add to that your inability to move around like before and you have the perfect recipe for swelling!! Keep in mind that usually swelling in pregnancy is completely harmless, something it can be slightly more serious. If you think you may have pre-eclampsia, please talk to your doctor. 

  6. Being Hot - At least for me, saying “I feel hot” was the biggest understatement of the year! I felt like I was melting all the time and constantly sweating! Even when it was clearly the time of year to put the heat on, I was so happy to be outside without a jacket enjoying the cool breeze!! Everywhere I went was too hot for me, and sleeping hot is next to impossible… Increased blood in your body is a large contributing factor to this. And the fact you have a little personal heater built right into you!

  7. Bad Oral Health - Because you probably had time before to floss your teeth right…?? Well now is the time to actually start because experiencing increased gingivitis and bleeding gums are common in about half of pregnant women! Thank-you hormones for this change, which cause your gums to be much for sensitive and prone to plaque build-up.

  8. Rib Pain - This one is the most annoying for me personally because it massively added to my discomfort. My ribs felt like they were constantly bruised starting in my third trimester. Your body is creating the hormone, Relaxin during pregnancy. Which aids in your ligaments and bones to start relaxing to prep for labour. This is great in the lower half of your body, but it's just really annoying everywhere else... To make room for the baby your rib cage actually expands and gets bigger!! My experience with this was ribs that truly felt like I had been sucker-punched! However.. those swift kicks from my tiny human from the inside directly to my ribs didn’t help either...

Don’t get me wrong! Pregnancy is great and I am so excited to meet my baby, however, some of these side effects I could have probably done without! Just know, if you are experiencing any of these things on this list, you are not alone! There are so many more out there! Make sure you do some research so you know what's safe and normal, and what you should see a doctor for!